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Dec. 04 2015

Please meet at the movies 6:30 – 6;45 tonight. An apron and oven mitts may be needed for tomorrow.

Please sign up for the facebook page.

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Nov. 26

Hi just a reminder for the girls to wear old clothes as we will be painting tonight.

We will be going shopping next Thursday.

Sleepover money and forms need to be returned tonight.

This is our last blog post due to changes in the girl guide policy. If you cannot join our facebook page please let us know and we will make sure your daughter gets notes.

Thank you for reading our past posts.

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Nov. 12th 2015 information on sleepover and Dec. activities

Hi just a reminder that there is no Guides tonight, sleepover tomorrow night. We are going to have our first sleepover this weekend. The sleepover will be held at Bethel where we have our weekly meetings. The kids will be responsible to take their sleeping bags, pillow and a mat, their pjs and a change of clothes for Saturday. The girls also need to take with them a plastic plate, bowl, glass, fork, and knife, no breakable dishes girls, along with a facecloth and toothbrush in a mesh bag with their name on it. They are able to take a book or stuffed animal or something they would like to do quietly if the other girls have not woken yet. We will supply snacks Friday evening and breakfast, snacks and lunch on Saturday. Girls should be dropped off at 6pm Friday evening and picked up by 4pm on Saturday. If you have any questions please let us know!

If you look there should be a full kit list on our blog. ALL COOKIE MONEY SHOULD BE IN. Christmas boxes will be sent this weekend, please make sure you have brought in your items.

The following are some of the activities we are working on::

Child care and first aid badges

Dec. 4th sleepover Movie, Holiday Baking

Money is still being collected for our adopt a family, who we will be shopping for on Dec. 10th at Wal-Mart Spar Rd.

We now have a Facebook group that you can join 7th SYDNEY GIRL GUIDES

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Hockey Game

For those that are going to the hockey game today. Please be dressed in full uniform if you have it. Treats will be provided so the girls will not be allowed to go to the canteens there. Girls will be dropped off and picked up at the players entrance in the back of centre 200 at 2:00pm.. Pick-up at approx 5:30pm…Game time is 3 and the girls need to be signed in and signed out just as they are for regular meetings. If you have any questions just let me know. See you today!

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Oct 29th 2015, Info on Hockey game Nov. 1st

There is a hockey game Nov. 1st 3 pm . Girls wishing to go please bring in $5.00 thursday night, tickets are $9.00 the unit is paying the other $4 and providing treats. No girl is allowed to go to the canteen.  Tickets will only be bought for those who bring in their money on Thursday night.

All girls MUST be registered to continue to participate in guiding activities. We have an upcoming camp in mid November and must send in the names this week. If you are unsure if your daughter has been registered please check with a leader.

We will be meeting at 6 pm at 45 Wabana Court , come  down Ferry Street ( off George ST.) to the green tower that says Harbourside commercial park turn right onto Wabana court and it is the pink building on the left. If the weather permits we will be doing the pumpkin trail, if not we will have our Halloween party there. Girls can bring in treats if they wish.Time is 6 to 7:30 . We are hoping to see the girls in their costumes, leaders will be.

Have a safe and happy week and weekend.

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October 22nd 2015

Hello from 7th sydney Guides

We know that the girls talk about what is going on in Guides, so this is just a few reminders for them. Please wear old clothes as we will be painting tonight and some of the paint may not come out of their clothing, remember to bring a pumpkin to paint tonight for the Open Hearth walkway. COOKIE MONEY is due in tonight. Next week we will be going to Open Hearth park ( costumes are incouraged). A camp is being planned, however if your daughter is not registered by tonight she will not be able to continue to come ( insurance rules) to meetings or camp.

Thank you have a wonderful day

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October 1st 2015 Welcome to GUIDES 2015 – 2016

Hi just a friendly reminder that the time of guides has been changes to 6 pm till 7:30 pm. Any problems please let us know tonight. We are looking forward to another exciting year of Fun, hoping for a camp soon Diane if you please.

See you tonight

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May 30th bagging day at no frills SCHEDULE

This is the schedule for the girls to do their bagging at NO FRILLS. IF they need to change times or can not come PLEASE let us know.

10-2pm  Dianne

Mya, Madison, Breton, Emma

2 – 5 pm  Erin

Sara, Brook, Riley, Virgina

5 – 8 pm Sally

Trinity, Gracen, Yanna, Julia, Astra, Karley

regular meeting Thursday night May 28th 2015

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Updated KIT LIST 2015

Kit list for ONE night sleepover, please remember to bring enought clothes for TWO DYS AND NIGHTS

a warm sleeping bag, it can get cold at night please do not use novelty, lightweight sleeping bags if possible


Foam pad or mattress

Extra blanket

Small stuffed friend


Book if they wish


Change of clothes : socks, underwear, pants, shirt

Indoor shoes or slippers AND BOOTS

Wash cloth and ziplock bag for wet cloth



In a mesh bag one of each of the following Must be non-breakable

oven gloves

Cup or mug



Fork,Knife, Spoon

Hairbrush or comb

Small toy or something to play with in the morning ( Nothing fragile and something your daughter doesn’t mind sharing )


Ice cream buckets work really well to store toiletries and are easy to open and close

Please put your daughters name on everything.

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Please remember to bring BOOTS the area is very wet.

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